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smf:undeletable:start - Ema's plugins (WP, DW)

Unfortunately, some of the pages are now read-only, this because in the last few months some spammers decided to “contribute” to the wiki…
I'm trying to lock only the interested pages.

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This mod is now approved.
Please find it at the SFM modifications web site!


This mod allow to set topics, personal messages and members as “undeletable” (short for impossible to delete).

Once marked as “undeletable” it will be impossible to delete any of them with the usual tools provided by SMF, the only way is to remove the attribute and let them return “deletable”.

Separated permission for each action:

  • set topic “undeletable”
  • set topic “deletable”
  • set member “undeletable”/“deletable”
  • set personal messages “undeletable”/“deletable”




SMF 1.1.13 SMF 2.0 RC5


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