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Warning: this mod is probably currently not approved!
Please do not use this mod unless you are completely sure of the consequences!
Check the link at the end of the page to verify if the mod is approved or not.


Automatically create and change active attachments folder depending on settings.

The mod can create a folder structure based on post date (subdividing attachments by year, or by year and month or by year, month and day) or simply adding a new folder when the space limit is reached.


  • Choose the method for the management of attachments, it can be set to:
    • Normal: default SMF management (i.e. the admin must take care of change folder)
    • Subdivide by years: a folder corresponding to the current year is created and the attachments are stored there
    • Subdivide by years and months: as before but a subfolder for each month is created too
    • Subdivide by years, months and days: as before but a subfolder for each day is created too
    • Change folder when run out of space: every time the attachment folder reach the space limit a new folder is created
  • Create as sub-folders within a folder: if you want to keep all the attachments folders within a certain folder tick this check
  • Main folder for attachments: if the previous check is ticked then you can specify here the path to the folder (if it's not specified the board dir will be used)




SMF 2.0 RC5


Link to mod


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