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Warning: this mod is probably currently not approved!
Please do not use this mod unless you are completely sure of the consequences!
Check the link at the end of the page to verify if the mod is approved or not.


This mod provides few new features to the signature mechanism.

With this mod active it is possible to have multiple signatures (the maximum number can be defined by the admin panel), choose a different signatures per each post or personal message, choose to use a random signature (for each single post/PM, from the post page, or for all the posts/PMs, from the profile page) or to not show signature at all (for each single post/PM, from the post page, or for all the posts/PMs, from the profile page). It is also possible to define a default signature for all the users. Please note that if you need only the default signature feature a better choice would be (Ha)²'s mod Signature Prompt.

Before uninstall the mod please use the maintenance action provided by the mod to reset all the signatures of all the users to the SMF-original single signature per user.

Change log

  • 0.1.4:
    • fixed a bug reported by Kindred (thanks!) for which it was possible to use HTML in signatures.
    • fixed several errors reported in the log reported in the same post by Kindred
  • 0.1.3:
    • fixed some errors in the log a couple reported by Kindred few others found by myself
    • drop down box for the signature choice not showed on new topics
    • the signatures were not shown at all in personal messages
    • BBC not parsed (reported by warezjasz)
  • 0.1.2: added support for default signature (in case the user doesn't set one) and update to SMF 1.1.13 and SMF 2.0 RC5
  • 0.1.1: fixed a bug (thanks Arantor) in the profile page
  • 0.1.0: initial release.




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