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I'm trying to lock only the interested pages.

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Code Highlight

A couple of days ago I discovered CodePress, so I decided to try include it in DW in order to edit code directly in the wiki editor…ok, quite a stupid idea, but in that way I don't need anymore a text editor with syntax highlight and I can avoid spread code over USB sticks, the HD of my home-pc, the HD of my pc at work, some web page and so on… ^^;;

It's not completely finished and there are a couple of bugs, but it works (you can test it editing one of the pagess on that wiki (do you see the “Highlight code” button after the editor? Click on it! ;-))


Old versions:


  • 2009/02/21
    • Started


  • Move the button to the toolbar (inside a 'picker' I suppose, with the languages as options of the picker)
  • Allow textarea resize
  • Automatically identify code by final part of the page name (e.g. for page: :devel:page.php it sould automatically understand that it is php code and so on) and/or by <code> tag inside of the page.


Please use the discussion page


1) The only change between this and the distributed version is that I moved the starting procedure from the js file to to a button in the dokuwiki editor

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