Unfortunately, some of the pages are now read-only, this because in the last few months some spammers decided to “contribute” to the wiki…
I'm trying to lock only the interested pages.


Counterize II - personalized version

I'm using these pages to collect all the changes I'm doing to Counterize II.

In the last few months…years I changed a lot of code, so I decided to release a batch of files already modified with the most useful and “stable” stuff (maybe on the internet there is someone enough crazy to use them… :-P ).

Now I'm developing a “new” version of counterize, quite different from the original, unfortunately I'm a little bit busy in this period, so the coding is becoming very very slow…but I'm quite confident I'll finish it before…next ice age… ^_^;;;;



Counterize II - versione personalizzata

Vorrei usare queste pagine per descrivere tutte le modifiche che sto facendo al plugin per Wordpress Counterize II. Fino ad ora ho fatto solo due piccoli cambiamenti (solamente sulla mia versione), la localizzazione italiana ed ho scritto alcune idee per cose che mi piacerebbe vedere implementate.


Tools personali