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counterize_ii_mod:en:modded - Ema's plugins (WP, DW)

Unfortunately, some of the pages are now read-only, this because in the last few months some spammers decided to “contribute” to the wiki…
I'm trying to lock only the interested pages.

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Mod 1.2 released. Please see change log for details.

:!:First (semi)version of Counterize Mod available!
Please look at installation and notes for more information:!:

ATTENTION: Most of the changes presented here are for Counterize_II v 2.10
Starting from version 2.13 Counterize II will not store IPs anymore.
I would like to continue working with IPs instead of md5(IP), so I'll continue to modify version 2.12.7 (maybe if I'll have enough time I'll include also new improvements from future version of counterize…


Instructions for Mod.1

  1. Download 2.12.7 version of the original Counterize II
  2. Download latest version of counterize II Mod (in short CIIMod)
  3. Unzip Counterize II package and upload the folder counterizeii to /wp-content/plugins/
  4. Unzip CIIMod and upload the files to /wp-content/plugins/counterizeii/ (overwriting “old” files)
  5. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  6. Go to Counterize II on Options page and chose your settings
  7. Save the settings


Probably some words will not be translated in your language…sorry.
I'll have to work on this point.


Latest version

Previous versions

Change Log

Mod 2.0

Mod.2.0 files

  • Code aligned to 2.13.4
  • bot exclusion list moved to database with excluded IPs
  • admin option page XHTML valid
  • archiving function (still in development: 05/Oct/2008, here for details)
  • corrected a pseudo-“wp-bug”: in option page the size of the selection box is (up to now: WP 2.6.2) fixed due to a css problem, see:
  • render functions modified so that now can show statistics up to a certain date and not only “now” (i.e. the situation in every moment in the past)

Mod 1.2

  • Bugfix: the IP in exclude list were counted anyway.

Mod 1.1

  • Corrected installation procedure ($minorVersion → $MinorVersion) in order to avoid repetition of 'timestamp' indexing in “wp_counterize” (or equivalent) table. 1)

Mod 1

  • Source aligned to Counterize II version 2.12.7
  • IPs stored as numbers in order to speedup sql queries (and maybe save space), see comment at for details.
  • “one-button” save options (plus one for flush database)
  • moved exclude list from option table to a dedicated table (due to non optimal memory usage (see WP forum for details) and possibility to obtain the result (excluded/not-excluded) with only one query instead of the “for cycle” (more efficient?))

Discussion & suggestions

Please use the discussion page

1) if you updated counterize II from version 2.11 to any other maybe you want to check your database and remove all unnecessary index of 'timestamp' column in “wp_counterize” table in order to reduce space occupation. Don't forget to keep at least one of them!!

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